Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eye. See. You.

A rather cool feature on here is that I can see which countries people who visit my blog are from. While most people are from the grand U.S.A., I have some international viewers. Hello to those in Denmark, Israel, Canada, Unite Kingdom, Greece, Malaysia, and Ukraine for taking a gander. I love to witness new culture. I love to see unique foods and architecture. I love variety and opening my mind to culture. I love to travel.

I hope America has a good reputation in other countries. Maybe they think all we do is watch Glee or Jersey Shore. (Untrue.) Jersey Shore only has dumb people acting stupid. I'd rather sleep than watch Jersey Shore, at least it's more productive.

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  1. I know some international people that view americans poorly, and some that don't. I think everyone is different. It's cool, how online, we can have viewers from all over the world!


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