Thursday, January 6, 2011

Release Your Negative Energy

Ancient painting in a Greek church
 When I find myself troubled--the kind that twists my insides and gives me a quesy feeling in the pit of my stomach--I take a deep breath.

I try to remember: whatever is troubling me is not nearly as bad as what others are going through. Some people are homeless, hungry, and hoping for a different life.

I, however, am healthy and happy, along with those closest to me. It is human nature to become upset sometimes, but I try to release any negative energy as quickly as possible.

Dwelling on the past and bringing up negative times only depresses a person, so I prefer to think of the future and how bright it is. There are so many possibilities in this world and I am glad to be a part of it.

Technology and medicine is so advanced, people of my generation might easily live to be prosperous and healthy in our 100s.

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  1. I think you write from the heart and that's good; as you say what you like best is portraits and everybody has a story to be told! You have a passion... I also like the photo images that you have. Don't mind yout lecturer who says things or slates you. They're all the same or most of them. I've been writing over 20 years doing my thing unseen and largely unheard but one thing I've adhered to: I always try to improve, work on, and evolve as writing is a craft and a skill to be developed, pruned etc.
    Roibeard aka Celtic poet, meltthecelt, celtic mystic, wordsmith.


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