Friday, December 10, 2010

La Vida es un Carnabal

Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and the JoBros are trash. It's barely music. It most definitely isn't considered art. I don't own any CDs by these "artists," yet I know every word of each song. I believe the explanation is because music recycles on the radio--sometimes you can hear the same song on two or three different channels.

Art differs for everyone. I've seen way too many paintings in art galleries and museums that look like someone threw globs of paint on a canvas. If I think my artwork is as good as something in a museum, it's got to be pretty hideous. I'm the worst artist that ever lived. That's why I love street art. Now that takes talent. When people complain about graffiti, I take pictures because I think they are ridiculously cool.

Someone takes time out of their life to sneakily graffiti a wall and not get public credit. Their art isn't sold for millions of dollars like a Picasso; in fact, their art gets covered when another artist tags over it. It's symbolic of the circle of life. You get your time to shine but soon enough someone will paint over you and then you're gone, just a memory in a mind or a photo on a camera. You only get one shot.

I took all these photos in Athens, Greece, as I was
walking about the ancient city. There were ancient ruins and graffiti was everywhere; it was beautiful, a mix of vintage and modern. It was like being in an outside art exhibit. There were so many fantastic pieces of work. They were creative, unique, and whimsical, like they were popping out of a fairytale. I wish I could have brought them home with me. In a way, my camera was able to capture their glory forever. So now, I show them to you.

There is art everywhere, be it an actual painting, a scene from nature, a long lost photo or a snippet of conversation you hear as you pass by someone. So smile and go forth. See the art in the everyday. :]

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