Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spread the Love

I believe in signs, now more than ever before. Sometimes a sign can point you in the right direction. Sometimes a sign can give you a little oomph or a simple pick me up. Sometimes a sign is too great to ignore.

For instance, I was eating candied ginger from Trader Joe's. As I was about to put a piece in my mouth, I opened up the page of a magazine. The magazine had 50 health tips and the first one I saw was about the health benefits of ginger. This particular occurrence was not sign-worthy to me. I wouldn't classify it as a sign from the gods telling me to eat ginger. However, it was a notable and funny event, which I shared with my roommate.

Later on, as I was about pop another ginger in my mouth, I saw a heart-shaped one. A glorious, pristine heart. I obviously had to photograph and share it with you. To me, this event was a small sign--a sign telling me that there is love everywhere, even in the most unexpected places.

I wasn't feeling upset or in need of comfort or love. I don't know what else I can do with the sign other than spread its message. By that, I mean: spread the love.

Do you believe in signs, coincidences, other, or none of the above?

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  1. I do believe in signs; firstly they need to make sense, unless they are part of a meta narrative of your life. Secondly, they usually come when you need the advice the most.

    Thanks for your invite from Craig's List Toronto. I liked your piece on Valentines day disaster, it was very engaging...(small snicker)



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