Saturday, December 11, 2010

Whoa There Buddy...

I took an opinion writing course this semester. Not sure why, really. But I've written so much of my opinion, I can go off on any topic. Here was my last assignment, I scored my highest grade ever with this one:

    I don't want some fat airport guy touching all my lady lumps. That's not cool. It's depressing we are the country that greets guests with a grope or a naked photo.   

View of the airport from my seat.
    Travelers have every right to be pissed off about the new intrusive screening procedures at the airport. They're basically seeing me naked with their x-ray vision body scans. Our liberties and our bodies are being stripped. It's not the American way. I don't think things could get any worse.

    Everyone might as well be naked, since that pretty much what the scanner does. People get less action than that on a date. I have to spend hours at the airport only to have to throw my water bottle away, take my shoes off, and get groped. I used to love flying, but now it's just a hassle and a what feels to be molestation.

    I've been to airports in several countries and done quite a bit of traveling, so I can say from experience that America's airport system is by far the worst. With all this ridiculousness, things have completely gone down the crapper. Who would want to come here?

Real sign.
    When I flew EL AL in Tel Aviv, they screened everyone, asked the right questions, did their job, and got everyone out of there very quickly. They are one of the safest airports, so they must be doing something right. America should take notes from the Israelis.

    This is not the price I pay for freedom. It is uncomfortable that the body scanner or the pat down person is searching me in private ways. Why would I want some random person to see me naked? It is humiliating and degrading. 

    What about the radiation? I can't even fathom they would allow something hazardous to be used. Now that is un-American.

    The poor pilots have every right to protest the body scanners. As a pilot, they must go through security every day. Being exposed to radiation every single day they come into work is not healthy whatsoever. I can't believe this is legal.

    If this weren't an issue, there wouldn't be so much backlash. Everyone hates it, especially because they don't seem to work well. Sometimes the body scanner machines come up with false positives.

    Let me get this straight. I have to get to the airport three hours in advance. I have to wait in a staggering line. I have to undress by taking off my shoes, belt, earrings, and various other things which may be considered dangerous. I have to have a body scanner look through my body, only to have it think I am suspicious. Then someone has to rub their hands all over every crack and cranny on my body in order to get through the gate. No thanks.

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  1. I can not express how much I agree with every word you wrote here. I am currently living in Israel, and these Israelis are amazing at what they do. I have never felt like they were invading my privacy even the slightest bit when at Ben Gurion Airport, even though I know they are watching every person and their every move like a hawk. Plus when flying out of Israel, they tell you to be at the airport "at most an hour and a half" before your flight-compared to 3. It's SO sad what is happening in America.

    You do write very well, job well done! xx


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