Thursday, December 16, 2010

Semester Accomplished!

See you next year. I won't miss you.
Now I have a few weeks to spend some quality time with 2010. Now I can enjoy my holiday, since it snuck up on me so quickly. Writing assignments, essays, quizzes, tests,  and homework don't exist right now. I can marvel in the little things. Finally!

My favorite things about this time of year:

1. Gingerbread man cookies. Yum. Why are they so delicious and cute?

2. Layering clothes. I can wear more of my clothes during this season, seeing as I can wear more than one layer. Shirt, cardigan, scarf, leggings, socks, boots.

3. Tea. I love tea anyway, but now is the time I drink it all day. Chai tea with soy milk.

4. Bed. The warmth of my bed is so comforting. As a child, when I was scared I would hide under the blanket. "Nothing will get me under here," said a 5-year-old me.

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