Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anonymous Author

So here's the deal. Here is my internal anguish. I just finished writing my first freelance article. It's for a not yet published, small, self-made magazine in NYC geared toward lower and middle class families. I wrote an article on money saving tips.

A. Make sure nobody is looking.   B. Steal.

In my optimistic, dreaming mind I was excited for my first assignment. Wow. Here's my chance. My time to shine. My first step to the rest of my life. Go me!

I put in hours of my time. I had to brainstorm, form, craft, and weave these words together so they could be read fluidly. I had to read and reread and re-reread until it sounded perfect. I had to make sure the average person could read it and comprehend my thoughts.

I sent the article to him a couple days ago and here I sit still waiting for the bill. Will he pay or will he scam me? Will he steal my work, not give me any credit for it, or pay me? Will I be a no name? Anonymous. This is the internet after all. There are no binding laws. If he doesn't pull through what can I do? Stomp my feet? Send angry emails? If he doesn't fork over my money, I'll admit, I'll be mad. I put time into this piece.

What if he does pull through? Maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions. This is his first issue. Perhaps he is swamped with creating his own personal vision, just as I am. Am I a little too caught up in the money?

I just wanna be, I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful.


  1. I remember my first article, it was only half a year ago that i wrote it, and now i'm working for Vice magazine and i'm fashion director of another magazine. keep up the good writing!



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