Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last Day of School

"FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!"  Remember Nemo, when he was excited for his first day of school, bouncing on his sea anemone? I am that excited about school right now, but reverse the circumstances: last day of school. Regrettably, finals lurk behind the corner, but with hours of meticulous study, I will conquer them.

Another semester down. Three more to go. The real world is sneaking up on me quickly; this is where the anxiety lies. Will this college degree help me obtain a job so I can support myself? Will I be able to work for a magazine like I've dreamed, or will I be stuck giving people their food? There are thousands of unanswered questions in life. The only way to get them answered is to live it. If you look too far into the future, you just might fall.

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