Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Cleaning

Spring cleaning...definitely more like summer cleaning. By cleaning, I mean the kind that takes hours or even days to organize because it only gets messier. This kind of cleaning results in the feeling of satisfaction of knowing that everything you own, now has a place.

I owe this pleasure of rearranging due to now having my own room; my roommate & I separated rooms at last. I studied the art of feng shui for hours, only to arrange & arrange again. I'll see how I like it. I try to utilize everything I own, so all my empty perfume boxes & other containers have a purpose: an art box, another for magazie cutouts, scrapbooking, various technical hardware, chords, etc.

Last summer:

Summer strawberries

Drinking tea + looking for thrift stores in the phonebook

Flowers on the walk home
(all photos were taken on August 11, 2009)

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